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Code of Conduct: Text
  • I commit to living a Sacred Earth-Honoring Lifestyle which embodies the Hummingbird Church principles of: Sacredness, Honesty, Integrity, Love, Faith, Hearts of Servitude and Humbleness.

  • I commit to respecting myself, the earth and all her inhabitants.

  • I commit to only using sacred indigenous medicine as sacrament and ceremonies within the parameters of a sacred ceremony or in my own home in micro dosing in reverence to connection to the spirit.

  • I commit to only using sacred indigenous medicines for spiritual healing, experiencing the Divine Presence, to discover the Spiritual Connections and Psychic Awakening.

  • I commit to the confidentiality of ceremonies and will not share experiences with others outside of the ceremony related to anyone but myself.

  • I will never share sacrament with or sell medicines to those that are not members of Hummingbird Church or other affiliated churches.

  • I will never manipulate or take advantage of others emotionally, sexually, mentally, spiritually or physically, that are in the open state during and after ceremonies or while using sacramental medicines.

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