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Our team is dedicated to providing you with the support you need as you go on your sacred journey toward enlightenment before, during, and after ceremony. As such, our facilitators adhere to a strict code of conduct. Learn more about it and meet the team below.

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Traditional Indigenous Doctor / Shaman

Taita Pedro Davila, is a traditional indigenous medicine man, also known as a curandero.

He is of the Kamentsa lineage, from the Colombian Amazon of Putumayo.

At age 17, Pedro was chosen by his grandfather, who was also a Taita, to begin training to serve ayahuasca, known as yage. Pedro endured 7 years of training in the Amazon jungle in order to serve ayahuasca.

Taita Pedro has been serving ayahuasca for over 20 years and has conducted ceremonies all over Central and South America, and across the United States.



Founder / Administrator 

Courtney is a co-founder of the church, the administrator, and Southern California event organizer.

Courtney has worked for over 20 years in business operations, focusing on international vendor management.

Taita Pedro and Courtney have worked together putting on ayahuasca ceremonies for the last 5 years.

Courtney is passionate about bringing ayahuasca to those who can most benefit from it.



Lead Integration Coach / Event Organizer

Michael Vasconez is the Lead Integration Coach for all Taita Pedro’s ceremonies, he is also the Pennsylvania event organizer. Michael leads all post retreat group integration calls and offers one on one integration and health coaching.

Michael is a combat veteran, who served as a machine gunner for the United States Marine Corps. After retiring from the Marines, Michael studied at the Hippocrates Heath Institute to become a coach and mentor for lifestyle medicine. Michael received his coaching diploma from Nobel Manhattan Coaching.

Michael has been participating and organizing ayahuasca ceremonies with Taita Pedro for over 6 years.

  • Integration Programs

  • Health Coaching

  • Deep Transformational Coaching

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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