Teffa Honan is the Founder of Pachamama Munai - to Love
Mother Earth, a Sacred Healing Church located in Central
Florida. She is an Alternative & Holistic Medicine Woman,
Apprentice of Taita Pedro Davila, Kambo Practitioner,
Transformational Facilitator, Sound Healer, Reiki Master,
Advocate & Host of Sacred Healing Ceremonies with Plant
Medicines, Spiritual Retreats & Women's Circle.

Teffa Honan supports people through their spiritual
awakening, and healing journey. She helps them to connect
with themselves, align and tune their energies in whatever
way it's more suitable for each person, help them balance their
Chakras and Integrate their life experiences.

She facilitates a safe space for people to heal, connect with
themselves, Pachamama and connect with their higher self
and guides, she utilizes many healing modalities and
techniques in her practice.

Teffa is from Colombia and has been in the US since 2011; she
started her path through plant medicines very early in
her life, and in 2017, she met Taita Pedro and embarked a
journey of self-healing with the help of Taita and Mother
Ayahuasca she was able to heal herself from drug addiction,
anxiety, suicidal behavior, hormonal imbalances, and so much
more. She then dedicated her life to learn and share about the
healing of Plant Medicines and the different practices we can
utilize to Integrate those experiences into our lives to become
better human beings and heal the body, mind, and spirit.