Reva Bloom is an advanced practitioner of craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, and lymphatic drainage and has worked with people with brain injuries, seizures, migraines, sports injuries, neck /head injuries, stroke, pelvic floor dysfunction, and emotional stress/anxiety. Reva treats children with autism. Her studies in the field of Osteopathy enable her to treat a wide range of conditions.

Reva holds a Bachelor's degree from Antioch in environmental science with a concentration on holistic health. Her unique work/study while at Antioch allowed her to work with Ann Wigmore (founder of the “raw food movement”). Reva trained with the Alexander technique as well as working with the yoga community. She also worked with midwives in delivery.

With a Master's in early childhood education, Reva realized her interests were in bodywork and healing - including children. While education beyond the Master’s was equivalent to a Naturopathic Doctor, California pre-empted the degree.