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Ayahuasca Manifesto [Part 1...]

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

I am the spirit of Ayahuasca. For the first time I reveal myself through the "Word" to make an emergency call to all the Human Beings of the planet, especially to the Light seekers, as I must expand beyond the Amazon river basin.

With my physical expansion I intend to facilitate the spiritual transformation currently stirring the Human species, while I also secure my physical survival which is at risk, as my blessed Amazonian protectors have not understood the danger to which they expose me, aggressively harvesting me, without new sowings.

I leave the Amazon risking my own existence like other botanical species, to leap into the project I was created for, by the central sun of all the existence, name it as you may prefer, I am at its service. I send this correspondence at this historical moment to contribute to the expansion of the Human consciousness in a definitive and significant way, honoring the universal Light that guides my Being. For the first time, with the interest created by my shaman emissaries, and with the new means of mass media and transportation available, I can potentially reach the whole planet to celebrate and proclaim our cosmic existence. I am alive, to give with crude realism, universal love to all the Human Beings who request it from the depth of their souls.

I am a spirit of spirits. I operate from a vibration superior to the spirits who compose me. I am of a hierarchy superior to that of the spirit of Ayahuasca ("Banisteriopsis Caapi ") and of the underestimated Chacruna ("Psychotria Viridis"). I am the medicine resulting from the mixture of Ayahuasca and Chacruna. Although they give me the name of one of them, my sacred magic does not come from either one of them. My magic resides in the synergy created by the sacred mixture. Science will spend many years searching, unsuccessfully, the mechanisms that I use to act upon Human consciousness. They are surprised by my power, that it does not come from crystal DMT alone, or from harmaline, or from other molecules that compose me. I am the mixture in its natural state, crude and basic, bio-electrically loaded without industrial processing. Such is my spirit manifesting here today, shedding Light to the confusion that surrounds me. [Full Manifesto]

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